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Looking for what to pack to Universal Studios or what to wear to Universal Studios for your upcoming trip? We will take care of you to make your trip memorable and memorable without any hitches!

Hollywood cult classic characters such as Transformers, Men in Black, Dr. Suess and others. !

While there is a lot of fun to be had, you also need to know what to bring with you when you go. Here’s what to pack and what to wear when you go to Universal Studios. Read More 




When considering what to pack for Universal Studios, one thing you definitely want to pack is a small backpack or day pack.

The backpack makes it easy to carry extra items and essentials you’ll need during your day at the theme park, such as your camera, some extra clothing, and some of your own snacks and drinks to save you money. some money.

Some rides may not allow you to carry personal items and require you to place your backpack in a locker. Universal Studios has lockers throughout the park and outside of every ride that requires you to leave everything behind.

Small lockers are free to use for an hour or less, anything longer requires a small fee. Universal Studios allows enough time to wait in line, enjoy the ride, and get your stuff before you have to pay unless there is an absurdly long line.

The lockers are small, so we recommend carrying a small backpack. If your backpack is too big, you may need to empty it to fit all your items in the small locker, and then fit your bag inside. Save yourself the hassle and shop the styles below!


Our other must-have to pack to Universal Studios is a good refillable water bottle. Universal Studios is a fun theme park, but it’s also expensive. You will have enough costs to cover once your transport, accommodation, entrance and meals are taken care of.

You definitely don’t want to add the deceptively expensive cost of buying water bottles once you’re at the theme park.

Get a refillable water bottle and use one of the many drinking fountains in the park and in addition to most of the restrooms.

Plus, it’s better for the environment because it cuts down on unnecessary single-use plastics.

Since Hydroflasks are all the rage, you can accessorize your favorite bottle with these fun Harry Potter stickers to theme the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios!


Another must-have item for what to pack for Universal Studios is a power bank to charge your electronic devices on the go. Visiting a theme park usually means spending time waiting in line—unless, of course, you pay extra for the VIP treatment with Universal Express, where you can skip the line.

All that time spent in the queue is usually spent on your mobile phone and there is no place to charge it.

If you want to avoid having a dead phone in the theme park when you are with your friends or family, don’t forget to pack a power bank to charge your smartphone!


Amusement parks are known for their wild rides and roller coasters that climb to dazzling heights and move in unpredictable directions. In some people, this rapid and confusing movement can trigger a motion sickness attack that leads to severe vomiting.

Anyone prone to motion sickness of any kind is advised to bring anti-motion sickness medication or ginger gum to keep you from feeling sick on a fun vacation.

Universal Studios has a lot of 3D simulator rides and all of them made me sick because I am slightly sensitive to motion sickness. For whatever reason, the 3D screens and moving ride were too much for my body to handle, and after this experience I heard I wasn’t alone.

To avoid motion sickness, add a motion sickness pack to your list of things to pack for Universal Studios. Even if you think you won’t need it, we recommend having it just in case! Or you can always save someone’s day in need!


One of the easiest things that can happen when you walk around an amusement park all day, even if it’s the shoes you’ve worn before, is to get blisters.

There is something magical about amusement parks and feet, that annoying rubbing against your feet, ankles, heel or toes that never happened before.

That’s why we recommend a basic first aid kit or a package of waterproof and active bandages as another essential thing to pack to Universal Studios.

You never know when a blister or even a small cut or scrape might pop up. Instead of being extra uncomfortable, put blister bandages on your list of what to pack for general studios. It will save a lot of discomfort and pain.

Note: I DO NOT recommend getting Compeed blister patches, every time I ever use them they make the blister worse by somehow moving around in my sock or shoe and sticking to the blister. Save yourself the worry and get regular old bandages.

Extra refreshments

If you’re thinking of ways to save money at Universal Studios, then this basic tip on what to pack for Universal Studios will save you money and keep you from being hungry or hungry during your trip!

Packing your own food also means that you can choose healthy food options and that you can simply enjoy your day without waiting in line for food.



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