What Is Roboforex

What Is Roboforex

  • Roboforex Trading App is an authority exchange tool for trade and withdrawal.
  • Postpone repayments and withdrawals using the most popular repayment options.
  • Talk support is available.
  • Open a trading account.
  • At roboforex.com, we understand that dealers should zero in on all their exchange efforts and not stress about the appropriate degree of security for their capital.
  • In this way, the organization made greater efforts to guarantee compliance with its commitments to clients.
  • We have implemented a €5,000,000 limitation liability protection program that includes market drivers coverage against exclusion, extortion, mistakes, negligence and various perils that can cause clients monetary misfortune.
  • RoboForex has been operating since 2009 and is regulated by FSC, permit no. 000138/333.
  • From the moment of its establishment, RoboForex has forever focused on providing the best exchange conditions using imaginative advancements and numerous long stretches of involvement.
  • RoboForex is a global trader that offers 8 types of resources and more than 12,000 tools for exchange.
  • We are exceptionally happy for the different administrations we provide to our clients and accomplices, which are of equal quality to all, anyway their experience and their speculation rate.

Finance Commission

  • RoboForex Ltd is an authoritative member of The Financial Commission, a worldwide association that resolves debates between its members and their clients.
  • RoboForex Ltd, which is part of the “A” classification, is also a member of The Commission’s Compensation Fund.
  • The Compensation Fund is an aid that is part of the Financial Commission registration which provides a guarantee of up to €20,000 per case if a member does not comply with a Financial Commission judgement. For more data.
  • Starting from 2018, RoboForex Ltd has consistently been undergoing a survey of the quality of execution of the requirements of the Verify My Trade administration, an accomplice of the Financial Commission, which allows an objective assessment of how specialists execute exchange orders.
  • The fruitful implementation of this strategy confirms the compliance of the representative with the strict assumptions of the Financial Commission towards its individuals.

RoboForex bonus offers and services

  • A wide range of other projects and exchange administrations, forex motivators and other exchange assets are available on RoboForex to make the exchange more open and useful.
  • We have ordered a comprehensive overview of RoboForex rewards and other limited time offers that you can have the opportunity to use in your trading techniques.
  • *Please note that the below mentioned Bonus contributions and RoboForex administration may depend on future developments and you should study the contracts.

Roboforex audit

  • Having a solid and suitable seller is important to your outcome in internet exchange.
  • Make sure your merchant is not fake or problematic so you don’t lose your business.
  • To have a decently functioning productive relationship, ensure that your needs match your seller’s profile.
  • The reason why we’ve got some reserve to research the best trading firms out there, their practices, their fee structure and any remaining significant considerations.
  • We believe that you should assess, analyze and entrust your hard-earned cash to undoubtedly the safest and best representatives.
  • We really want to believe that this Roboforex survey will help you.


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