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Shinhan Bank Vietnam

Shinhan Bank Vietnam Limited (“Shinhan Bank”) is a subsidiary of Shinhan Bank Korea, an affiliate of Shinhan Financial Group (SFG). SFG is a leading financial holding company in Korea and listed on the Korea Exchange (KRX) and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

In Vietnam, Shinhan Bank’s history can be traced back to 1993, when Shinhan Bank first opened a branch in Ho Chi Minh City. In more than 29 years of history, Shinhan Bank has built a wide network extending from North, Central and South Vietnam. Currently, Shinhan Bank offers a diversified portfolio of corporate and consumer banking products and tailor-made solutions.

Shinhan Bank has been awarded “Best Foreign Bank in Vietnam 2020”, “Best Foreign Bank in Vietnam 2021 and 2022” and “Best Company to Work for in Asia” for three consecutive years by the HR Asia publication.

Shinhan culture

Shinhan’s culture consists of unique attributes, developed by unique individuals with diverse traits and identities, but working towards a single mission of “Providing the best customer service”. In order to create a synergy between these individuals, Shinhan WAY is born with the expectation to connect and each member of the Shinhan family with strong passion, hope and persistent efforts for self-development to initiate creative changes. In addition, Shinhan also honors the power of solidarity, mutual respect and support in providing the best values ​​to communities.

Shinhan Way components

Shinhan Way components:

For the past 20 years, SFG has been a leading innovation in Korean financing. The vision of founding “World Class Financial Group” was the compass for growth. Today more than ever we are experiencing a dramatic change with digital technology being the dominant economic player. In order to adapt to the new changes, it is time to change Shinhan’s goals in line with the real form of finance that customers want. The new value system is called “Shinhan WAY 2.0”.

“Shinhan WAY 2.0” is a way of thinking and behaving shared by all Shinhan people. This is the standard and Shinhan’s future direction.

Location of SHINHANVINA BANK branches

List of SHINHANVINA BANK branches:

  • Carrying out any banking transactions requires a BIC code.
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  • The BIC code is important because it also serves as a BIC code.
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What is Shinhanvina Bank SWIFT code?

Shinhanvina Bank BIC code in VIET NAM (VN)

The BIC code is used by Shinhanvina Bank to transfer funds to international banks. Shinhanvina Bank Viet Nam (VN) BIC and SWIFT code provide the widest coverage of national bank identifiers. The SWIFT code identifies Shinhanvina Bank branches in Vietnam (VN). Shinhanvina Bank’s SWIFT or BIC code is unique for each branch in Vietnam (VN).

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SWIFT Code of Shinhanvina Bank in Vietnam (VN)

Shinhanvina Bank SWIFT code can be used when transferring money overseas. Shinhanvina Bank Vietnam (VN) Swift codes are provided by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The Swift Code identifies Shinhanvina Bank branches involved in overseas fund transfers. The Shinhanvina Bank Swift Code is a unique code for each branch.

Using Shinhanvina Bank Vietnam (VN) SWIFT code

Shinhanvina Bank SWIFT codes are used when transferring money between banks, especially for international bank transfers and also for exchanging other messages between banks. Codes can sometimes be found on bank statements. A Shinhanvina Bank SWIFT code is required to transfer funds abroad. List of Shinhanvina bank SWIFT codes provided are Shinhanvina bank branches.

What is BIC

Bank Identifier Code (BIC), SWIFT codes and routing code are essentially the same.


International bank routing code, SWIFT codes and bank identification code (BIC) are essentially the same.


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