Dateless Number Plates

Dateless Number Plates

You’ve no doubt heard of timeless designs whose style cannot be dated to any particular year. Similar are license plates without data, which lack the suffix letter/number of the year. You have to look in a reference book to find out when the brand was originally issued as there is no year letter/number attached.

What are data plates?

Since the “you can’t use a registration to make a vehicle look newer than it is” restriction doesn’t apply to out-of-date registrations, you can transfer them to any type of car. With far fewer characters than the regular license plates on the road now, timeless private labels look beautiful on a vehicle.

The updated registrations were originally made with the letters “first”, and when the one-letter, two-letter and three-letter combinations ran out, the design was reversed so that the numbers came first, followed by the letters. This means that a registration such as 1 ERF (issued in 1937) may have a duplicate counterpart such as ERF 1 (issued in 1954).

UK registration plates had to be moved between vehicles (or stored on the certificate) as the vehicles they were on were destroyed in order for them to survive today.

If the registrations were not preserved before the vehicle was written off, they are now gone as well.

Registrations are issued as far back as 1903, meaning that many extremely desirable out-of-date number plates have disappeared into obscurity and the DVLA will not re-issue the same registration after it has been used.

However, there are a surprising number of these antique out-of-date private plates that still exist today because they were issued at the time. License plates with no expiry date are the best choice when it comes to private registrations and they really deserve the label “respected” because they have lasted for so many years.

What are data plates?

The letters on the registration plates traditionally indicated the original place of origin of the license plate. However, as the number of automobiles changed drastically across Canada throughout the early 1900s, some areas never exhausted their allotted combinations.

In some areas, certain sets of digits were kept private – license plates were not always issued in numerical order. Some sites also retained sequences of whole letters (usually those that corresponded to three-letter names such as TOM or PAT).

As some number plate combinations remain unissued, it is possible that DVLA will make them available.

Out-of-date registrations can now be obtained through auction, and the DVLA keeps hundreds of them each year, during which interested parties can compete for desirable out-of-date number plates that have never been on UK roads before.

National Numbers take part in all DVLA auctions and provide an ‘auction pack service’ which means having a dataless number plate (one that hasn’t been issued yet!) selected from the lot. After we’ve collected all the paperwork, we’ll come out and bid on your behalf to try and win for you.

If you cannot find a private plate that meets your needs on our website, please contact one of our experienced sellers and ask about your auction alternatives.

They’ll be able to tell you if the particular month-free registration brand you’re looking for is suitable for release, what our service includes, and even their opinion on a possible knock-on price based on previous registration sales.


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Dateless Number Plates

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