A Brief Guide: Accessing RARBG to Download High-Quality Torrents

A Brief Guide: Accessing RARBG to Download High-Quality Torrents

RARBG is currently one of the best torrent servers for downloading new and old content such as music, movies, e-books, series and many more. With that in mind, the torrent site has been up and running since 2008. However, several countries are pushing ISPs to block torrent sites to stop illegal torrenting.

A small community of torrent enthusiasts who founded RARBG wants to provide their loyal followers and users with high quality files despite the blocks and bans. The only way people can access RARBG and continue to download their high-quality torrent content is by using proxies and mirror sites.

So here is a quick guide to access RARBG to download their high quality torrents.

Using RARBG Proxy and Mirror Sites

Since it is difficult for people to access rarbg and download their torrent files, the RARBG team created proxies and mirrors whenever you want to access the main domain. RARBG proxy is an intermediary server that connects your requests from the proxy server to the blocked main domain. As a result, you can download torrents without revealing your location.

On the other hand, a RARBG mirror is a clone or replica of the original site, but has a separate domain name and server. The only difference a mirror site has from the original site is that it only hosts identical or nearly identical content. With that in mind, you won’t be able to find all torrents from the primary RARBG domain.

Using a virtual private network

A virtual private network, or VPN, masks your IP address by creating a private network whenever you connect to a public Internet connection. People use VPN to download torrents from RARBG because they have a higher level of privacy than proxies and mirror sites.

The main reason people use a VPN is because it changes your IP address and location, ultimately making it nearly impossible for anyone to track you. However, there are various VPNs that limit your browsing and download speeds unless you purchase a subscription from a popular VPN service.

A combination of VPN and proxy sites

Using a VPN to access RARBG does not mean you are 100% safe from cybercriminals. There are specific RARBG proxies that are not from the RARBG community. Fortunately, there are several verified and manually tested RARBG proxies that you can safely use. Here are a few of them:

  • https://rarbgprx.org/index70.php
  • https://rarbgaccess.org/index70.php
  • http://rarbgproxy.org/index70.php
  • https://rarbgunblock.com/index70.php

The above list of RARBG proxies allows you to access RARBG without worrying about load times when you combine it with a VPN. With this in mind, you also need to find a reliable VPN service, as different VPNs tend to drop their protection levels from time to time.


There are only a few methods to access RARBG to download new and old content. You need to be aware of the security risks of downloading torrents, especially if your ISP has blocked your access to them.

To give yourself extra security while browsing RARBG, it is essential to purchase a premium subscription from a high-quality VPN service. Using two security methods is an effective way to secure your location to prevent cybercriminals from tracking your connection and stealing your IP address.


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A Brief Guide: Accessing RARBG to Download High-Quality Torrents

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